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Acknowledging Is The First Step

Dear readers, I have come to realize something during the path of self-publishing… There is a reason that writers have editors. It is not only to be able to have someone to check your work and assist in formatting, but it is also a matter of lifestyle choices. Let me explain…

I love to write – novels, short stories, poems, etc. Oddly, I am horrible at writing music. My point is that writing is my escape, my passion, and my way of expressing my creativity. Even though the formatting of my novel is not complete, I am already working on another novel – as I simply want to write!

That doesn’t mean that my novel’s formatting is being placed on hold or going to be terrible; it just means that it is taking me a bit longer than I suspected. I am getting the novel completed, but I sometimes have to take a few moments to ”keep my creative flow in motion.” Besides, I have half a notebook and several notes on a phone app with book ideas. Therefore, it looks like I will need to be working on two (or three) projects at a time.

Maybe at some point, dear readers, I can ask for someone to assist me in the editing/formatting phase of my novels. My business, however, is not yet equipped to handle another person’s assistance. Also, this person would have to be discreet and not show my manuscript to anyone at all – not even family. That might happen one day, but, as of right now, I am the writer/editor/publisher. I am okay with that, too, and I will have my novel published soon. I am incredibly grateful for my reader’s patience as I work diligently on both projects!

Thank you all for reading and your continued support!

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Readers, I know it has been a while since I have blogged about my novel. I want to thank every one of you for your continued support throughout my ”vacation” from writing. Like I had said in my previous post, I had to take a break as my novel was starting to feel like a job more than a passion. I refuse to let it turn into that!

So, dear readers, I can now say that I am back to working on my novel as much as possible. Formatting takes a little more time than I thought, but it’s getting there. In the meantime, I have designed the item that part of the contest once the book is published! It is not on my site – as it is being kept a secret. It is quite good, though! (Okay, I may be a little bias.)

Aside from this, readers, I need some assistance from you. To get the word out, I ask that each of you share my blog, FB page, and CafePress shop to promote my upcoming novel’s release. I also encourage everyone to take a look at my shop, I have added two new designs that I believe you all will like!

With all of this being said, this post is not to sell anyone anything. It is to simply ask for assistance from my readers. As a new author, I wish to succeed, but I cannot do so without the help of my wonderful and supportive readers. I do appreciate each of you as you make writing and blogging so worthwhile! I will continue to keep you updated on my progress, dear readers!

Thank you for your continued support and reading!

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The Flame

Readers, I must admit that I have not been working on my novel’s formatting. That is mainly the reason I have neglected to post on my blog. I haven’t lost the passion for writing or my novel, dear readers – which is the main thing! I just needed a moment to rest, restore, and reflect… A break, so to speak.

While I initially felt a sting of guilt for this break in formatting, I began to realize it was necessary. To keep the flame of my passion for writing ignited, I had to let it simmer for a little bit. Otherwise, I would burn out before the novel even made it to publication. I had to take this break because my novel was starting to feel like a job.

I refuse to let my passion be ”just a job.” That is why I have taken some time off. I am still creating things for my shop, still creating book ideas, and still mentally for strong my book every day. Rest assured that I will be working on it again very, very soon!

Thank you all for reading and your continuous support!

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The Process

Last night, I got back down to business. I was able to continue to focus fully on formatting my novel, readers. I had to admit that I had slacked off from working on it, but a 37-page proposal and a 36-slide presentation for my last Grad school class has to take center stage for a bit.

I do appreciate all of you checking in on my blog posts when I could do them! Also, I appreciate you all who took the time to check out my store. The store is just a means of promoting my novel and business, readers. It is not my main goal, I promise. That has not shifted.

My heart will always be set to publish my novels, which is getting extremely close. I am so excited and a little nervous. I never realized how much this meant to me until I started the process over a year ago. I am eager to see the response my novel has, and I look forward to my readers being able to finally read it!

Thank you all for reading and your continuous support!

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Continuously Working or Working Continuously…

Readers, I am still working on formatting my novel. I have not blogged about it in a few days due to there haven’t been any new updates, unfortunately. I can assure you that I am making progress!

Aside from my recent couple of days of addiction to playing various games on my Xbox one X and college, I have been hard at work. I know they say even entrepreneurs need a break… And playing The Witcher: Wild Hunt for 3 1/2 hours straight was quite a break!

Alas, I return to working hard on finishing the format to g of A Stalker’s Obsession. I must say that it is looking like an excellent read, folks! I’m not just saying that because I wrote it. In fact, I am my worst/harshest critic. I will literally spend days perfecting my writing until I believe it is good. I just want the best for my readers. You guys have been so awesome that you deserve it!

Thank you all for reading and your continued support.

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A Writer’s Life For Me…

As the formatting continues in my novel, I have started to realize the hard work of being a writer. It doesn’t end with the writing. In fact, that is the easy part! It is part of an entire process – a fun process but a process, nonetheless.

So, my novel continues to be a work in progress. This has been an interesting road, I must say. I am basically working two jobs (my full-time and becoming a self-published author/starting a business doing so) and going to college full time. It is a challenge, but one that will be worth it in the end – I just know it will.

For those who continue to read and support this blog, I thank you. I truly love seeing your likes, shares, and comments. Thank you all so very much!

Thank you for reading this blog and your continued support!

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Cover Page, Copyright, Chapters… Oh, My!

I knew formatting would be a job in itself, but I had no idea what it would entail! I can’t say that it has been tough, however… because it has been a blast! Modern-day software has made the process rather smooth, with each section already created.

Now, I just have to sit back and reread my creation as I format. Picking chapter fonts, ensuring proper spacing, and making minor corrections are proving to be quite relaxing. The hardest part I shall face will be making the cover page – hopefully.

As for now, I will enjoy this blissful time. I will continue to work hard, so my novel will be ready very soon!

Thank you all for reading and your support!

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Let the Formatting Commence!

Only a few more editing corrections to make, and then the formatting begins! While I am excited beyond belief, I must admit that I am a bit anxious about its release. I want it to be successful, which always will lead to some sort of anxiety. Plus, this novel has been my baby for so long. I have nurtured it, cared for it, and protected it.

Now, it is time for my little bird to fly. It is terrifying, but I have hope that it will soar above all of my expectations. I may worry about it, but I am choosing to believe in the strength of my writing. With having faith in myself, I cannot fail. I can only improve if I should need to.

My promise to my readers is that I will continue to tell the stories that arise from my imagination and dreams. I will grow my business and follow my heart as far as it takes me. I truly appreciate all of my readers. You guys are the ones who have made me smile at knowing I have your support. You make me realize I have some kind of talent in this field. I appreciate every single one of you!!

With all of this being said, there will only be a final few blog posts before my first novel release. After this, new ones will be more focused on new writing projects and book promotions. I do continue to promise to keep everyone intrigued and entertained as this journey continues!

Thank you all for reading and your support!

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Stop in the Name of… Love?

In my novel, you’ll notice that Izabella is not the most trusting when it comes to relationships.  She’s been through some really bad ones, but at least none of them have tried to kill her.  Her stalker, on the other hand, is unpredictable.  Will he ride off into the sunset with the “love of his life” or make sure no one else could ever have her?  Everyone will just have to wait and see!  Only a short time until my novel’s release date!


Thank you all for reading and your continued support!

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Details, Details, Details…

Details are essential in any story. That is why it is so important to get them right, but it is equally important not to go overboard in explanations. As I am finishing up my novels and about to enter the formatting stage, I am having to dial down some of the details. It may be a little more time consuming, but I promise it will be worth it!

After all, I hope my readers will want to know why the second homicide in the novel has a double meaning for the stalker/killer. I just know you’ll all want to read it without a bunch of mundane details, too. Don’t worry, though! It has been fixed and edited thoroughly!

Thank you all for reading and your continued support!!