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Amber C. Deck

Author/Blogger/Owner of GatorGirl Books, LLC/White-Collar Crimes Specialist

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Hi! Welcome to GatorGirl’s Writer’s Nook’s Blog! Let me tell you a little about myself…

I am a Doctorate student at University of Phoenix – majoring in Management with a concentration in White-Collar Crimes. I also am a graduate of University of Phoenix, with a Master of Science in Administration in Justice and Security. My certifications include Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR), Fundamentals of Emergency Management, and more. My Bachelor of Science Degree is also in the field of Criminal Justice with a concentration in Criminal Behavior. In addition to my education and training, I have over four years of direct experience working in white-collar crimes (fraud, AML, etc.). My career allows me to utilize all of my education, profiling skills, and white-color crimes training.

Let me just say that I love my career! When I’m not helping to prevent white-collar crimes, I’m writing everything from novels to short stories. All of my books have some element of the criminal justice system in them (police, FBI, private security, etc.), so I always incorporate my degree/training into my passion for writing.

GatorGirl Books, LLC, is now providing consultation services to writer’s who need help with criminal justice-related writing. I can assist with any criminal justice questions, including those that involve research. I can also answer any white-collar crime-related questions. Any consultations will be confidential and contracted.

Please check out my pages and contact me if you have any questions!

Amber D. – Owner of GatorGirl Books, LLC
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