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Growth is Good

Dearest Readers,

My business is growing again! I’ve added another couple of pages to my main blog today. One features an About Me section to give you an more in-depth view of myself and GatorGirl Books, LLC/GatorGirl Writer’s Nook. The other lists my consulting service that I am offering to assist fellow writers (or anyone ) who needs assistance with understanding/writing about about the criminal justice world/white-collar crimes/criminal behavior/serial killers.

I am happy to consult with any crime novel writers (fiction or nonfiction) at any time. There is no fee for a simple question, but any one-on-one discussions or research will be considered a consultation. If need be, prices are negotiable. I am a reasonable person, and I like to help. Plus, I want anyone who wishes to know more about the criminal justice world to learn it from someone who loves it and works it. I hope that my services can help someone if they need it!

Thank you all for your continued support and reading! Please follow GatorGirl’s Writer’s Nook on Facebook and Twitter for more updates!


Lover of writing, animals, and traveling. Soon to be self-published author and holder of a Master of Science in Administration in Justice & Security.

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