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Acknowledging Is The First Step

Dear readers, I have come to realize something during the path of self-publishing… There is a reason that writers have editors. It is not only to be able to have someone to check your work and assist in formatting, but it is also a matter of lifestyle choices. Let me explain…

I love to write – novels, short stories, poems, etc. Oddly, I am horrible at writing music. My point is that writing is my escape, my passion, and my way of expressing my creativity. Even though the formatting of my novel is not complete, I am already working on another novel – as I simply want to write!

That doesn’t mean that my novel’s formatting is being placed on hold or going to be terrible; it just means that it is taking me a bit longer than I suspected. I am getting the novel completed, but I sometimes have to take a few moments to ”keep my creative flow in motion.” Besides, I have half a notebook and several notes on a phone app with book ideas. Therefore, it looks like I will need to be working on two (or three) projects at a time.

Maybe at some point, dear readers, I can ask for someone to assist me in the editing/formatting phase of my novels. My business, however, is not yet equipped to handle another person’s assistance. Also, this person would have to be discreet and not show my manuscript to anyone at all – not even family. That might happen one day, but, as of right now, I am the writer/editor/publisher. I am okay with that, too, and I will have my novel published soon. I am incredibly grateful for my reader’s patience as I work diligently on both projects!

Thank you all for reading and your continued support!

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Readers, I know it has been a while since I have blogged about my novel. I want to thank every one of you for your continued support throughout my ”vacation” from writing. Like I had said in my previous post, I had to take a break as my novel was starting to feel like a job more than a passion. I refuse to let it turn into that!

So, dear readers, I can now say that I am back to working on my novel as much as possible. Formatting takes a little more time than I thought, but it’s getting there. In the meantime, I have designed the item that part of the contest once the book is published! It is not on my site – as it is being kept a secret. It is quite good, though! (Okay, I may be a little bias.)

Aside from this, readers, I need some assistance from you. To get the word out, I ask that each of you share my blog, FB page, and CafePress shop to promote my upcoming novel’s release. I also encourage everyone to take a look at my shop, I have added two new designs that I believe you all will like!

With all of this being said, this post is not to sell anyone anything. It is to simply ask for assistance from my readers. As a new author, I wish to succeed, but I cannot do so without the help of my wonderful and supportive readers. I do appreciate each of you as you make writing and blogging so worthwhile! I will continue to keep you updated on my progress, dear readers!

Thank you for your continued support and reading!