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The Flame

Readers, I must admit that I have not been working on my novel’s formatting. That is mainly the reason I have neglected to post on my blog. I haven’t lost the passion for writing or my novel, dear readers – which is the main thing! I just needed a moment to rest, restore, and reflect… A break, so to speak.

While I initially felt a sting of guilt for this break in formatting, I began to realize it was necessary. To keep the flame of my passion for writing ignited, I had to let it simmer for a little bit. Otherwise, I would burn out before the novel even made it to publication. I had to take this break because my novel was starting to feel like a job.

I refuse to let my passion be ”just a job.” That is why I have taken some time off. I am still creating things for my shop, still creating book ideas, and still mentally for strong my book every day. Rest assured that I will be working on it again very, very soon!

Thank you all for reading and your continuous support!


Lover of writing, animals, and traveling. Soon to be self-published author and holder of a Master of Science in Administration in Justice & Security.

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