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Acts of Character

To keep my blogging and novel updates interesting (hopefully), I though I would introduce some of the main characters.

  • Izabella Jacobson is a TV talk show host in NYC. As the daughter of the Police Commissioner, she gains the unwanted help of her father after becoming the obsession of a murderous stalker.
  • Alex Jacobson is the Police Commissioner of the NYPD. Since his divorce from his first wife kept him from seeing his children whenever he wanted, he was thrilled when his only daughter decided to move to the city from Puerto Rico. Now, he will do everything a father can to protect his little girl.
  • Cade Brenson just transferred to the NYPD after working with the Houston Police Department for a few years. As a former Navy SEAL, he has faced terrorist cells, bombs, and snipers – but nothing prepares him for the feisty woman he now has to help. It doesn’t help that her father is the one who specifically approved his transfer, too.
  • Mark Peterson is Cade’s partner at the NYPD. Being a senior detective at the precinct has its perks, which is why Mark was able to request his best friend from back home to be his new partner. After all, he had to admit that three partners in seven years was a bit excessive (even though their transfers were not his fault). What makes it even more fun is that he knows every thing about his new partner – including why Cade doesn’t want to take the Commissioner’s case.

Throughout A Stalker’s Obsession, these are the main characters. Stay tuned for more news – including the full overview of the novel coming soon!

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A a Taste of the Story…

Here’s a little taste of my book! Enjoy!

Detective Cade Brenson and his partner, Detective Mark Peterson, find out that this “high profile” case is the most important one of their careers. Little did Cade know this is where his trouble would begin…

Before the Commissioner could even speak, Cade automatically knew why the man was here. He could see it in those eyes looking right at him. Those eyes that were the same color as the one woman that Cade couldn’t get out of his mind. He knew this meeting had something to do with her. Something terrible was happening to the Commissioner’s daughter.

Please stay tuned for more on A Stalker’s Obsession!

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I started this blog 7 years ago… 7 years, y’all. In that time, I created posts full of emotions, outbursts, and opinions. It took reading these again to realize that is not the direction I want my blog to go in, so I deleted every last original post. It is time to use this blog for what it was originally intended for – my books and writing.

I will try to frequently post things about my upcoming books and current literary projects here now. There might be a short story or poem added here or there from time to time, too. I encourage everyone to give me feedback as I make this transition to a more career-based and life-changing experience blog. Please keep any comments from being negative – there is enough bad in the world already. I look forward to sharing my love of the written word with each of you, and I can’t wait until I can finally say that my book is available.

Thank you, everyone, for reading this very first blog post of my new blog. GatorGirl’s Writer’s Nook is now up and running!