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Typos Are A Writer’s Worst Friend

I had to fix a typo on my last blog post. Even after correcting the mistake in my novel, it somehow did not copy to the blog post. I must not have copied the correction before posting on my blog last night.

As a writer, I do not like typos and frequently point them out in anything I read. Call it a curse, but I call it dedication to the written word. Okay, I also do call it a curse… Just kidding! I just like to be thorough, and I want my readers to have the best experience possible.

On a positive note, I feel blessed to have so many people reading my blog. I hope you are enjoying it, and I hope you enjoy my novel upon its release. This experience has been more exciting and fulfilling than I ever realized. I truly appreciate all of you!!

Thank you all for reading!


Lover of writing, animals, and traveling. Soon to be self-published author and holder of a Master of Science in Administration in Justice & Security.

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