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Rain Makes for Great Stories

As the storms rage outside and I cannot sleep, I thought this would be a great time to do a blog post.

In this post, I’m going to introduce some additional characters that play a big part in the main characters lives in my novel.

  • Mia is the best friend and adopted sister of Izabella. After a chance meeting in London when the women were children, Mia’s parents are tragically killed in a car accident when returning to the town of Berkshire. With no family left and only the quick friendship of an American Police Officer, Mia is quickly added on as the newest addition of the Jacobson family. The two women have yet to live apart since their fast friendship began, and each will do anything to protect the other from harm.
  • Brent is a combination of things. Mia’s fiancée, the women’s next door neighbor, Cade’s roommate, and both detectives college friend/roommate from Texas. He would do anything to protect the woman who is like a sister to him, including make sure the next guy she dates doesn’t hurt her. That is why he is counting on his good buddy Cade to make sure Izabella is kept safe, because he has seen the way Cade looks at her – and he’s never looked at anyone like that before…

I hope you all enjoy a preview of a couple of the supporting characters of A Stalker’s Obsession. Thanks for reading!!


Lover of writing, animals, and traveling. Soon to be self-published author and holder of a Master of Science in Administration in Justice & Security.

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